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Teambuilding during winter

teambuilding hiver Ardenne Belge
In the ever-evolving professional world, teambuilding activities are of paramount importance. They are not only a way to break from the daily routine but also an opportunity to forge strong bonds among colleagues.
The Belgian Ardennes, known for its breathtaking landscapes and tranquility, serves as the ideal setting for such professional gatherings. This is precisely what Deloitte was looking for, to experience a unique moment among colleagues.
To create a unique experience, Deloitte asked us for more than just organizing simple activities. We, therefore, crafted a tailor-made experience; every detail, from the selection of the activity to the logistical organization, was meticulously adapted to the team's needs and preferences. Focusing on nature, local culture, and premium service, as always.

Deloitte’s team wished to enjoy the splendid landscapes of Bronromme as a team.

Winter team building is not just a way to break the monotony of the office, but it’s also a unique opportunity to strengthen team bonds. The cold and snow offer a stimulating and magical backdrop for out-of-the-ordinary group activities.
Winter team-building activities can turn the cold into an advantage. They encourage team members to support each other in the face of challenges, thus strengthening the spirit of solidarity.

Discover the program tailor-made by our Brasero team to meet Deloitte’s expectations.

Laser clay shooting: a dynamic and safe challenge.

Laser clay shooting is a captivating winter team-building activity that combines adrenaline and team spirit. Unlike traditional shooting, laser clay is safe and environmentally friendly, with no use of real ammunition. It’s an activity that encourages concentration, precision, and a healthy competitive spirit, while being accessible to all team members, regardless of their shooting sports experience.

It’s a dynamic way to strengthen bonds, develop communication, and offer an unforgettable experience in the heart of winter.

teambuilding hiver Ardenne Belge

A culinary challenge in the style of Top Chef.

The Gusto activity workshop, inspired by the Top Chef show, is a team-building activity that showcases culinary creativity and collaboration. Participants are invited to take on gastronomic challenges, working together to concoct delicious dishes under the supervision of professional chefs.

It’s an experience that stimulates team spirit, communication, and healthy competition, all wrapped in the exquisite aromas and flavors of cooking.

Cocktail workshop: local expertise and professional expertise.

The cocktail workshop is a team-building experience where participants discover the art of mixology, guided by professionals. This workshop highlights local ingredients, inviting teams to create unique cocktails while exploring regional flavors.

It’s an opportunity to develop creativity, enhance communication, and enjoy together the result of a harmonious team effort, all in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

cocktails Brasero

Besides all these activities organized by our team, Deloitte members were able to fully enjoy the Domaine de Bronromme. It offers an idyllic setting in the Belgian Ardennes for teambuilding events. With its spacious conference room, the domain is perfect for combining work and relaxation. It also has leisure facilities like table football and billiards, as well as a large lounge area, ideal for sharing moments. The presence of a fireplace adds a touch of warmth and friendliness, making every event at Bronromme unique and memorable.

Winter team building is an exceptional opportunity to strengthen professional bonds, promote well-being, and inject new energy into teams. By embracing the magic of the season, companies can turn the cold into a catalyst for growth and success.

Many companies testify to the positive effects of winter team-building stays, noting an improvement in communication, mutual trust, and productivity upon returning to the office. We are certain our tailor-made program met Deloitte’s expectations.

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